Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Markets - Mid August

Since last post, we've had just over an inch of rain so the place has greened up a little. Hopefully that bodes well for a nice early start to Spring rain. The weather is still quite warm, so it's also good grass growing weather. Our sheep have finished lambing I think and the goats are almost finished. We have as many baby goats as we do adults now and we've got 3 poddy goats that we are hand feeding. We did have a fourth one, but we gave it away. Baby pigs, baby goats and baby sheep and out in the Bush Friendly Beef herd we've got calves starting to drop. Spring is Sprung (early).

The newest piglets on the farm. Bacon Seeds.

We've just had a visit from the owners of the Sunshine Coast Organic Meats butcher shop. The shop has recently changed hands (well about 3 months ago) and so we hadn't actually met these guys and they also wanted to see where the pigs come from that taste so incredibly good! We've been supplying this shop for quite a few years - it's the one in Forest Glen, next to Kunara.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk to show them the pigs and after fighting their way past the 3 pet lambs and one pet pig inside the house yard, they had to give the other pets outside a pat as well - the three musketeers, Charlie (pigs) and then Misty and Shifty the sheep and of course Patch the dog as well. Then Misty joined us for the paddock walk - I'm sure she thinks she is a dog. I've never met a pet like her. She will often follow us around the farm, running along behind or beside the quad bike.

You can't walk anywhere without pets crawling around your legs! Tripping Hazard!!!!

This morning they came back out to help us feed the pigs and to learn a bit more about how we farm. It's been great to meet them and for them to gain a better understanding of what it takes to provide them and the Sunshine Coast customers with our pork. It's all about building relationships and gaining an understanding from both points of view.

Markets are on this weekend in Yeppoon and Rockhampton. We will have Pasture Raised Pork, Bush Friendly Beef and Melt in the Mouth Mutton! Who enjoyed the mutton last time? I certainly did and in fact we are having a mutton roast for dinner tonight!

Looking forward to seeing you over the coming weekend.......