Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The post I didn't want to write!

This is the post that I really didn't want to have to write.........we will not be able to make it to the markets in September.  Kim and I have spent the last few weeks working out what pigs we will have going forwards and we are really going to struggle to have sufficient for our butchers and our market customers in the next month. The good news is, that by October, we should be able to go back to 2 markets per month. 

We've had many messages from you guys wanting to know what's going on and I promised I'd get something out this week. Thank you for your patience and I hope we will continue to get your support when we can finally start up again. If it's any consolation, it's tougher on us than you! Farming can be tough sometimes, and the culprits are usually the weather or commodity prices or something uncontrollable.  This lack of pigs is worse because the demand is there, but we just can't meet it. 

Thank you........and I must remember this quote.....

"Worrying doesn't take away tomorrows troubles, it takes away todays peace"