Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recipe Request

I had a request today for a Pork Belly Roast recipe. I've just put one on the Recipe tab, so check it out....also one for Pork Pad Thai - a great way to use the diced pork.....yum. I cooked Pork Belly the other night and did it the first way - simple, easy and so good!!! I much prefer the Belly Roast to the Spare Ribs. When you cook it as a roast, the fat just drips away and you can then tip it off easier. Spare Ribs can be a bit too rich - even though I do love fat!

I know that I should have taken photos.....I really must start taking photos of my pork dishes, because I do like to experiment - especially with Pork. It really is very versatile - you can cook it with just about any style or flavour. You just don't want to over do the flavours as the Pork tastes so good.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Happening

We've been busy on the farm lately. Following Kim's accident, my work load has increased, but as I also work fulltime, it's been a bit tricky fitting everything in. Thank goodness that we have Maitland (our son) home, although he heads off overseas on a holiday next month. Kim has been doing more and more, but he is still limited with really only having one good arm. Oh well, it's all character building!

I should have had my invoices out by now, but am a little behind. I will hopefully get them out tomorrow night. But never fear, I will get around to it.

Delivery to Gladstone  is still planned for Saturday the 27th. We have some new customers again this time, so that's all very exciting! I really look forward to seeing you all and will let you know times and meeting place next time. We will aim for Calliope about lunch time and then over to Tannum Sands after that.

Some of our new piglets - I love the colours in this one. Not sure where the orange colour came from!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rocky Done - Next Stop Gladstone

Well Rocky deliveries all done (thanks Maitland) and it wasn't without a few hassles. It's always a bit tricky starting  a new business, so thanks everyone for your support!

Gladstone deliveries are at the end of this month. Orders close this weekend (20th October) so please get them in. It really helps us plan what pigs we need to take over to the butcher and he needs time to see the orders to tell me how many pigs to send.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the pork, ham and bacon. We won't be delivering to these areas again until December. Also, please let me know if you are likely to want a Christmas ham so that we can plan how many we will need.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Late Orders

The butcher tells me that we have extra pork - I think I may have sent too many pigs over. I got a little distracted on Monday as that was the day Kim had his operation!

If you live in the Rockhampton, Biloela or Baralaba area and want to put in a late order, please send me an email before tomorrow night. This is for fresh pork only, not ham or bacon.

Happenings of late

We've had a hiccup in our placid, farming life lately! We were rounding up the goats to take to the butcher last Friday when Kim had an accident on the Quad bike. Friday night found us sitting in the emergency ward at the Base Hospital in Rockhampton after a short helicopter joy flight. He's home now, but has a broken elbow (pinned and plated) and two broken ribs. It has meant that our goat orders aren't going to be filled in this coming delivery to Rockhampton and that I'm way behind in telling people delivery times and all that sort of stuff.

I do apologise to all our Rockhampton customers for any disorganisation that ensues from this and hopefully we will get back to normal soon.