Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Monday, August 27, 2012

Post Delivery Comments

We had a huge day on Saturday delivering our pork. We picked it up in Monto, went to Calliope via the Boyne Valley - that's a really pretty drive through there. Dropped off a pack to Travis (just before Calliope) - who has already sampled and given us some great feedback, so make sure you read his comments in the Testimonial Section of the Blog. Then onto Tannum Sands after dropping more pork packs, plus a spit pig in Calliope proper. On to Gladstone, then Rockhampton and then finally home. Finished the deliveries locally the next day. Wow, it was a big day, but so good! Luckily Kim and I don't mind driving! But the best part was meeting our new customers - I like that part the best, as it's so positive to talk to people that like the same sort of food that we like! Oh, it was also good to see our continuing customers!! Also, we met people with great attitudes - we were a lot later than we thought we would be and so a big thankyou to all those that we mucked about. It's our first big delivery, and trying to time it was obviously a lot more tricky than I had originally thought. Your patience was greatly appreciated! I can't wait for the next delivery day! Hopefully September for Rocky and then October for Gladstone - stay tuned for a more accurate date.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Answer to some Questions

We've had a few questions from some of our new customers, so I thought I'd share my answers here. Our philosophy on raising animals, is that they should live a good life - with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. They are not confined except for when they are farrowing, when we place them in a smaller pen - often a portable structure inside their existing paddock. This is to protect the babies mostly. When the sow furrows, which can take a couple of hours, she is unaware of much going on around her and it's not unheard of for other pigs to be a nuisance around the babies. It's also safer if a fox or other preditor manages to get through the outer fence, as they won't get through the portable pen. Our paddocks are quite large, although we are in the process of making them smaller, so that we can rotationally graze them better,which will improve the quality of the pasture they graze on. We are true free range, which means that they are on pasture, not just bare dirt like a lot of "free range" farms are. GMO - we don't feed the pigs any feed that includes GMO grains or other products. We don't believe in using chemicals in the feed or on their bodies. The grain they eat is not organic, so they are fed grains that have been grown with chemicals. At this early stage in our business growth, we can't afford the extra cost to feed organic feed to the pigs, but hope to down the track. We are opposed to GMO in any way, shape or form! Antibiotics - if we need to treat a sick animal we will, because we believe that it's cruel not to. However if we need to treat an animal, it will be removed from outside sale. Fortunately this is a very rare occurance, as true free range animals don't get sick very often. If anyone has any other questions, please leave a comment.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Orders Closing Soon

The next deliver of pork to Gladstone, Rockhampton and locally is getting close to filling, so if you would like to get some great tasting pork, email me for an order form.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pork Delivery Dates

We've been busy at Dawson Valley Free Range. We've got a new order form, with changes to the packs that we offer. Please email me to get the form emailed to you. Click on the Ordering Page for more information. Leave a comment if you want to know anything!

Rockhampton, Gladstone and Local Orders - Delivery Date is the 25th August - please send your order by the 14th August.

Sunshine Coast - Delivery Date is the 7th September - please send your order by the 28th August.