Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

October Markets

What a tough couple of months we've had - it's been a real struggle with not enough pigs. We took our eye off the ball at some stage and didn't realise what pigs we had in front of us. Pigs are funny things, there's about a 2 week period when they are perfect for selling - they get too big too quick and seem to take forever to get to the right weight, when in fact it's about 5 months from birth to sale. Anyway it's going to continue to be a struggle with numbers until Christmas and then hopefully everything will settle down and we'll have a nice steady supply.

We have  quite a few babies on mum and lots of piglets getting weaned, so hopefully if we can make sure the mums get pregnant again next year will be a beauty!!

So going forward we have decided that we will only do the one market per month. Therefore the first weekend of each month - October, November and December will be Yeppoon and Rocky Market weekends. We won't be doing hams this year either unfortunately.

We are having a great year grass wise - lots of showery weather lately and a very mild winter has meant that we have green grass just jumping out of the ground!

The goats are growing well and we'll be soon weaning about 30 kids and our 2 lambs. We've recently bought an Anglo Nubian billy to put over this years girls so we'll have a bit of cross breeding going on, hopefully to put a bit of size into our sale goats.

For the next market we'll have our delicious pork, tender beef, plenty of tasty goat and a small amount of lovely lamb. Just a reminder that I can no longer get the butcher to pack orders for me. I can try and put something aside if you want me to, but can't guarantee it, as I'll have to do it after the Yeppoon Markets. I may have to put a 2kg limit on NF bacon orders if I get too many requests. If you would like anything that I don't normally stock, please email me by Monday morning with your request.
Corned Beef - if you want nitrate free, please request it as we don't do it unless people ask for it.
Porterhouse Steak is one of our most popular beef cuts.
Pulled Beef Tortillas - home made tortillas are really easy and go great with pulled pork or pulled beef - the beef is brisket slow cooked all day.