Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hot Hot Hot

This weather is beyond ridiculous! If this heat wave is due to global warming and it's here to stay, I don't know whether we can! The pigs are finding it hot and we are constantly putting out water to keep their wallows wet and muddy. But I suppose, the longer it goes on, the closer it will get to rain coming! We had a thunder storm yesterday afternoon, but alas we got nothing(and it didn't even cool things down)!

The other Hot Topic, is exciting..............we are going back to twice a month markets starting in March. First and Third weekends we will be in Rocky and Yeppoon. Gladstone will stay at once per month and at this stage, it will be the first weekend of each month. I am going to look at what market I could do on another weekend, either in Gladstone or somewhere else, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Basically if you know of a market and think that it would be a good one for us to go to, please tell me and I'll look into it to see if it might work.

I've been getting asked about bulk packs of meat. At this stage we can only offer bulk pork and we have decided to offer 1/4 pig packs. A quarter of a pig will be made up of half a half, and the final weight will be between 10 and 15kgs. I'm not completely sure of the exact amount of each cut, but the following is an approximate idea.

  • 1.5kg Shoulder Roast - bone out and rolled OR Diced OR Mince
  • 1kg collar steaks
  • 1-2kgs loin chops/loin rack roast
  • 1kg belly roast or spare ribs
  • 2 shanks/osso bucco
  • Leg Roast - either 1/2 leg bone in (maybe 2-3kgs) or 2 x bone out roast 

The best part is the price - for a limited time (for all orders received before the end of March) we will be selling these packs for $13/kg - based on the packed weight of the meat, not the dressed weight.  This is probably the cheapest free range pork you will get in Rocky - no delivery fee either! This will mean that you will pay between $130 and $170.

    If you are interested in getting a 1/4 pig pack, please email me at dawsonvalleyfr@bigpond.com and I will follow up with how you would like it cut up or pack sizes.

    I will need to have orders by this coming weekend (Saturday, 18 February) for delivery at the markets 4/5 March, or two weeks before the next market. I will get at least one made up, so that I can take a photo of what you will get, so that you can order for the next market.