Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Change of Plans (Again)

We have to cancel the markets next weekend - in Yeppoon and Rockhampton. I'm terribly sorry, especially to those who have pre-ordered, and I will contact you separately if I have contact details.

Therefore our next market will be the 14th and 15th November. I have also changed the order form. I am changing the 5kg packs and deleting the 3kg ham and bacon pack. We have been having a few problems with the way the orders are being packed and so I thought I'd change it to be a bit simpler.

Now, you can choose 3-5 (or more) items of fresh pork and if your order is over 5kg's you will only pay $15.60/kg for the total of the fresh pork received. Eg, instead of the Roast Pack with sausages and mince, an example order would be: 1.8kg Roast, 1.6kg mince, 1.8kg sausages = 5.2kg x $15.60. You can choose any meat that you wish to be in the pack, except ham and bacon. Also, I will use my discretion if you order 5kg's of one product - eg I can't supply 5kg's of belly roasts! Either type the list of cuts in the first box, or select from the full list. Ham and Bacon can be ordered separately on the order form.

If you choose to order, please get your orders in before the 31st October. I ran low last market on many items, especially bacon, and this is mainly due to not being prepared enough when orders come in late. We take the pigs over to the abattoir on the 2nd November so it's much easier for me to plan if I have an idea of how many orders I will be getting. For Gladstone customers, this will be your delivery weekend also.We will have goat, beef, pork, salami, chorizo and beer sticks available. We may run low on bacon this time and so I will reserve the right to reduce large orders. Our pig numbers are a little low at the moment, but will pick up soon.

Thankyou for your patience with my market date changes. One of the inconveniences of being a farmer is that circumstances can change and we need to be able to change plans with them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Markets and Delivery 17-18 October

Next market we will have beef, goat and pork. We will also have salami, chorizo and beer sticks again. These sold like hot cakes last weekend. What did people think of them - luckily I tried the chorizo before the weekend, because we sold out of it.

Hopefully our nitrate free issue will be sorted and we'll have plenty of propper NF bacon and ham!!

This post is also a quick reminder to the Gladstone Area customers that we will be delivering there again next weekend - 17/18 October. Most likely the same place and same time. Saturday the 17th October: 1 - 2pm at the Puma Service Station, Calliope Crossroads.

If you would like to order could you please get back to me this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago I had a spare pork belly. It wasn't really big enough to feed us all, so I decided to make some bacon. I don't smoke it as we don't have a smoker, but after salting I dried it out in a very low oven. It was delicious!!! (although I did overdo the salt a tad!)