Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Winter is nearly here......

As I write this we are in the last days of Autumn for 2018 and soon it will be winter. We did have a few wintery days a couple of weeks ago, but the weather lately has been simply BEAUTIFUL! Cool at nights and mornings but with sunny and mildly warm days. I love winter in CQ! Going on past years, our winter could well be over, but I have a funny feeling that we may get a cold winter this year - I hope so, it'd make a pleasant change. The only problem with it being cold her is that our house is not designed for winter so is very cold. It's usually warmer outside than in!

We've had a fairly dry spell lately so the grass is beginning to dry off, but there is still some value in it, and when you look into it, there's still patches of green showing through. Not sure really if rain now would just ruin it so I'm not sure what to wish for! It will be what will be and if it rains it rains.
Our pigs are happy and inquisitive.

I've been enjoying a month of meditation (Mindful in May). It's been really interesting to see the effects on my mood both when I'm working in the paddock or in the house....ha ha, for a minute there I was nearly going to write when I'm working and not, and then I realised that I very rarely NOT work!!!

This is me "mindfully milking"

We have goats kidding again at the moment - they are just so adorable!

This nanny is called Collette an she's had twins again this year.

Finally, I've been doing some gardening over the last few weeks and have finally got a winter garden planted. Lots of greens like Kale, cabbages and silverbeet. Plus some eggplant, capsicum, celery, beans, snow peas and some more herbs. Lets hope they all grow well as I really love to be able to pick from the garden for our meals. Meals made up of our own vegetables and meat! All grown organically (well except for the pigs, who are free range only).