Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Already!

Well, last month of Winter and we haven't even really had one! It's been a little cool at nights, but the days warm up nicely. It's also gotten very dry here, so a little rain wouldn't go astray.....ah.....us farmers are never happy!!

Markets are this coming weekend and it will also be a Gladstone delivery.

Yeppoon Community Markets at the Yeppoon Showgrounds - Saturday 6 - 9.30am
Gladstone - Benaraby Turnoff under the shady trees - Saturday 2 to 3pm
Rockhampton Kern Arcade Carpark Markets - Sunday 6 -12.

We will have Pork, Bacon, Ham, Beef and Mutton available.  If you have been thinking about joining our Frequent Free Rangers Group (read more here) it's not to late - just send me an email with the necessary details (as per the link)

Pork - we should have plenty of paleo sausages (we do these in thick and thin), and I've asked for more diced pork and pork mince, as these two are proving very popular lately. Also should have heaps of chops, roasts and all the rest!

Bacon and Ham - Nitrate Free and Conventional - remember our conventional cure is simply the old style quick cure-it, no nasties like you would find in the supermarket or even the butchers bacon. If in doubt, ask the butcher for an ingredient list. So if you prefer the conventional bacon, you don't need to feel too guilty as there is very little nitrate left once it's been smoked and cooked.

Beef - there should be plenty of the usual cuts available - have you tried the beef ribs? I love these!

Mutton - we have had some mutton ordered already, but should have plenty left for on the day! I'm not sure what it will be like and I'm hoping to try it before Saturday. But I would imagine it will make the most delicious stews, casseroles or just roasted.

Just a final note that if you are sending in any orders or any other enquiries after Wednesday lunch time, I may be slow to respond. I am going into Rocky tomorrow afternoon for a family matter and won't really be doing any work until Friday the 4th August. Seeyou all on the weekend.....


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