Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paddock Walk

It's starting to get very dry here, mostly because of the frost we got a week or so ago. Where the grass is a bit taller, there is some green still in it so there is still some good feed around. In the pig paddocks there's probably less grass than the cattle country, but it's holding up okay. My milking cows are enjoying the fertility in the pig paddocks. We are resting some paddocks that I can easily put the cows in, so I have. Their milk production has increased, so that's something we want to do more of.

I went for a walk this afternoon around the pig paddocks to check on all the pigs. This is something we do each day, but I haven't done it for a while. Maitland has been doing it for the last few weeks, but he has gone today for a week off. It was a lovely walk - something I do enjoy doing, because it gives me a chance to say hello to some of the girls!  The older pigs seem to be pleased to see me and will come up grunting and looking for a scratch.

The temperature is quite lovely at the moment - cool at night and quite pleasant during the day. A little bit of winter might be coming back for a while, but it's not as cold as it was the other week.

This pig is one of Kim's pets, she's as ugly as all get out, but lovely and quiet. I couldn't get far enough away to take a photo of her and her babies, because she wanted a scratch.

This Tamworth has 5 piglets and she was just happy to lie there, but the babies wouldn't stay still......

A huge Box Tree.

Our latest litter born today. This is a first time mum. Those babies are so cute!

 And then when I got home Kim wanted a hand to pick the last of the oranges off the tree. I was very surprised that he trusted my tractor driving to lift him up! I was a little nervous!

Don't forget the markets are on next weekend. Orders close on Sunday night. We will not have a lot of pork cuts, as I'm focusing on making lots of bacon. We'll have beef, goat and lamb as well.


  1. I love paddock walks... I think I would waste all my farm time wandering around :)

  2. Little piggies are just too cute, hope your first time mum does well in her new role.