Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Friday, December 7, 2018

December and the end of another year

I don't seem to write to many blog posts these days - usually rely on facebook or my newsletter to get messages out. That in itself is a bit risky as Facebook is not a reliable way to get to everyone, and not everyone is on my newsletter list!  Sometimes, life just gets really busy and we can't do everything! But I always seem to find time to do the fun things, like cooking/preserving. Don't these tomatoes look pretty! The grape tomatoes preserved in brine look interesting and can't wait to try them.

This year has been busy and the next couple of weeks will be also - 3 more delivery weekends and then we'll take a month off from markets. January is traditionally very slow and we are hoping that Kim and I might get an opportunity to take some time off and head away for a couple of weeks. January will also be a time for me to re-assess how we manage markets and delivery and we may make some changes to how its currently done.

Frequent Free Ranger Group - I'd love feedback on this - how it could be done better, what has made some people leave and why do those that are still doing it like it? What works and what doesn't? The idea behind the group was to enable us to manage stock better and to be assured of a certain level of sales. We've had a lot of people drop out, so it would be good to know what we could do differently to encourage people to have a regular order. Either comment below or email me direct for any feedback, good and bad.

Gladstone and Emerald Delivery - We go to these two centres monthly and only do pre-orders or we park up for a while at each place and see what else we can sell. Gladstone is mostly pre-orders which is great because we know exactly how much we need to take and it's a short time there. This works well for us. Emerald is further away and we stay longer because we don't have as many orders. I would love feedback on how this is working for those customers that do get meat from us - what would you prefer? What works and what doesn't work? More time, less time?

Only a few more opportunities this year to get our meat - please think about stocking up so that you can get through January. If you are in the Rocky area, we will be leaving the freezer in That Wholefood Place well stocked so you will be able to get supplies from there too.

Saturday 8th December - Emerald delivery - 9.30am to 12pm at the Roundabout near Coles and the Bridge.

Saturday 15th December - Yeppoon Community Markets from 6am to 10am
                                         - Gladstone Area - Benaraby Turnoff from 2.30pm to 3.30pm
Sunday 16th December - Rockhampton Kern Arcade Carpark Markets from 6am to 12pm

Saturday 22nd December - Yeppoon Community Markets from 6am to 10am and then in Rocky on the same day - That Wholefood Place from 11 to 2pm. This delivery is mostly to deliver hams. We will only have left over meat from the week before and look out for some good specials then too! If you live in Rocky and have ordered a ham, you will need to come and collect from me from That Wholefood Place. Yeppoon ham customers will obviously get there's from Yeppoon markets. Please note, I won't be going to the Arcade Carpark Markets on Sunday the 23rd.

If I don't see you over the next couple of weeks, I would like to take this opportunity to Wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I really hope you get to spend some time doing what makes you feel happy. Everyone has different ideas of what's important about this time, but for me it's about spending time with someone you love (or lot's of someones!) Lets hope it's also a wet, but not too wet Christmas too! Thankyou so much for the support you have given our business this year and we hope to continue to provide you with quality, ethical and healthy meat in 2019.

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