Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Markets, Deliveries and other stuff

I finally have internet back!!! Our NBN has been on the blink for the last month and it has been a challenge. There are two parts to a business like ours - the farm and the marketing/admin. Marketing these days is basically all done online. We use this blog, an online email service (mail chimp) and facebook. Facebook can be managed using the mobile network but the other two require a reasonable internet service.  Our finance administration is also online. We use an online accounting program and of course all bills and other banking get done online. Hot spotting to a phone that has dodgy reception just doesn't cut it! So I apologise to anyone who may have commented or emailed and I missed it! I can now update the various tabs on the web that need updating - for example our dates for markets and deliveries on this Link.

Bundaberg, Agnes Waters and 1770
We have recently cancelled the Shalom Market at Bundaberg due to it not being profitable enough for us to travel there. There are also two other meat suppliers there so we thought we'd leave it to them. They don't have a free range pork product though, so if you are in Bundie and would like to be able to still buy our pork, please email me and we may be able to sort something. I have also had some interest from Agnes Waters/1770 so once again if you are from there and would be interested in getting a delivery, please send me an email. I prefer email as a communication tool as I can keep better track of orders as well as this, I can get one message out and know that the intended people will get it. I can't rely on facebook as not everyone sees every post. While it may not be profitable to actually travel for a market, a delivery once per month or every second month is certainly something we would consider.

Emerald, Blackwater and Bluff
Emerald (and area) delivery has been working out really well and we will be going out there again on the last weekend in September. If you aren't on my Emerald email list, please email me.

My email is: dawsonvalleyfr@bigpond.com

Capricorn Food and Wine Festival
We have decided to be involved in the Capricorn Food and Wine Festival this year, however we won't be selling fresh meat. We are doing a collaboration with That Wholefood Place and selling ready to eat food. We will be selling Pulled Pork and Pulled Beef Tortillas, Pork Ribs, Vegan Dip Platters, Healthy and Yummy Dessert Platters and various other bits and pieces. Keep an eye out on facebook over the coming weeks for some free passes. The festival is 20-23 September.

Soap is back, as we have a new local soap maker. This soap is made from milk from my dairy cows and Lard from our pigs, and other good stuff - no baddies in this soap! It will be $6/cake or 2 for $10, and will be available for sale from this weekend.

Markets this weekend:
Yeppoon Community Markets - Saturday 1st September
Rockhampton Kern Arcade Carpark Markets - Sunday 2nd September

Bacon - we now have a new butcher processing our pigs so our bacon has changed a bit. I'm really enjoying the nitrate free version, although the regular is pretty good too. The ham is tasty too! Barritt's Butchery in Bundaberg are doing it and they have recently come first in the state for their Bacon. This award was using conventional pork, so imagine how good it is using our pork! Salami is almost finished, but we are hoping to have more available soon and then have it as a regular item. We will have some pet food available this weekend too.

If you would like any information on anything, please just ask.


  1. Please may i have a price list for your pork and goat , i'm down at Deepwater but go to Agnes twice a week . kind regards Mark Reiser

    1. I'm really sorry Mark, I didn't see this comment and I should have received a notification but didn't! There's a Price List Tab that shows the prices of all our meat. We didn't get much of a response about the Agnes Water Area, so I'm not sure if we'll get there or not. I would like to get to a market there to guage interest in a delivery run, but we just seem to get busy! If you are keen and think others might be, please send me an email and I can get an email out to anyone who is interested. dawsonvalleyfr@bigpond.com