Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pork Packs and Beef too!!!

Well our quarter pig packs seemed to generate a bit of interest and we sold a few last weekend. This does take some planning, as we need to make sure that we send enough pigs to the butcher to supply the market customers, as well as the potential quarter pack customers.

We currently have enough pigs to do a few packs for the next market (18th and 19th March) so if you are in Yeppoon or Rockhampton and would like a pack, please email me to order one. The pack in this photo had loin chops and belly roast as their selection.

This pack was 10kg's and had two decent sized roasts - one leg and one shoulder, both bone out. About 6 loin chops, a bag of collar steaks, a bag of diced pork, a good sized belly roast, a pack of bones and a trotter. This is really good value and I don't think you'll find true free range pork any where any cheaper, at $13/kg packed weight. If you were one of the customers to get a pack, please let me know what you thought of it and whether it's worth it. If you email to order one, please let me know whether you would prefer loin chops or loin rack roast, and either belly roast or spare ribs. You will get bone out leg and shoulder roasts, collar steaks and diced as a standard.

The photo below was an example of our Sow Butterfly Steak.  Sows have an end date - we have some that have regular farrowings, and then we have some that don't. These lazy girls get very fat and are usually still quite young so we thought we'd turn a few into a budget range of pork cuts. Any feedback on the sow meat will be gratefully received - good or bad! I enjoyed our collar steak and have a roast to cook one night this week. We won't be doing these every time, but will have bacon to try next week, and hopefully we'll also have some fresh salami made out of the rest of the sow. I don't think you'll easily find free range, ethically farmed salami, so if you enjoyed the ones I was handing out last weekend, how about adding some of them in your selection for next market.

Now that we are back to regular twice a month markets, you can place an order any time for a pork pack and we will deliver it at the next opportunity. Please keep an eye on Facebook or here though, because we will have to play with dates a little bit in April/May because our son Benjamin is getting married the first weekend in May so we won't be able to do the markets that weekend.

While we are talking quarter packs. Would anyone be interested in a quarter beef pack.  We would do this similar to a 1/4 pig pack - 1/2 the hindquarter and 1/2 the forequarter. This will give you a mix of steak, mince, sausages, roasts, diced. Price will be $15/kg based on the packed weight - this is roughly equivalent to $10/kg on the dressed weight. For those that are confused, a lot of places sell 1/2s and 1/4s based on the dressed weight, which is the weight after the animal is killed, so includes all the bone etc that then gets thrown away. We've worked out our price based on packed weight so that you only pay for what you get. A 1/4 pack will be around 40-45kgs. I may be able to do 1/8 shares, but will need to confirm this with the butcher. 

Comment on this post if you have any questions or orders, or email me direct at dawsonvalleyfr@bigpond.com

Thanks for your support.........you are supporting a local farmer when you support us........


  1. Hi Lucy, I hope your customers realise just how fortunate they are to be able to buy your free range meat in bulk, and for a very good price too.
    I'm sure you're run off your feet with orders.

    1. It is a good price and we have some wonderful customers that have taken advantage of it! The pack price won't stay around for much longer!