Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Monday, February 15, 2016

February update

We have had some absolutely lovely rain! It did mean a mix up with the markets - Rocky one week and then Yeppoon the following week (last weekend). The travelling for two weekends in a row, makes me realise that I don't think I could do weekly markets - I just don't get enough work done at home!

We've got heaps of grass, which the pigs are really enjoying! It's amazing how much grass they eat - they are like cows when they get into a new paddock - head down and munching. Lovely to see.....
We ended up with 250mm of rain over about 10 days and when it comes like that, a lot of it soaks in. Our dams did fill too and the Dawson River is running, so there is no shortage of water, which is lucky because it's coming in hot again and we need to keep the wallows up to the pigs.

I will be in Rocky and Yeppoon again this weekend. If you would like to put an order in, there is time if you do it by 7pm. I will then finalise the list and send it to the butcher. I'm really sorry, but there won't be any belly's or spare ribs, they've all been ordered. We should have plenty of other meat, although no goat this week either.

I also must regretfully let Gladstone people know that I couldn't get down there this weekend. I'm really sorry, but we will work towards the third weekend in March, so if you are from Gladstone and would like to put an order in, please do so immediately.

Oh, and good news.......the Blue Truffle will be using our ham after this weekend!!! So please support them, they have been trying to get me to supply them with meat for ages and we've finally managed to get them some. It's difficult for small producers to supply restaurants, but both the Blue Truffle and Us have been trying to work together for a while....Restaurants that support local producers need to be supported too.

Just a reminder if you are going to order, there is no longer an order form, please email me with your requests. There's a link here.

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