Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Markets in December

We have only got two markets left for 2015! The weekends of the 5/6 December and 19/20 December we will be in Yeppoon and Rockhampton. Gladstone delivery will be on the 19th December. Please get your orders in. I will need the orders for the next market by Sunday night, and the orders for the following (and last) market would be great as soon as possible. Especially if you want any special requests for Christmas.

Sad news......most of you would be aware by now, but we won't have any hams for Christmas this year. We will be building up our pig numbers next year, so will definitely have them for Christmas 2016!!! We have had so much trouble this year with our supply keeping up with demand (it just isn't!) so I do apologise for all the times that we run out of meat at the markets. It's a good thing for the long term, just not very good when we disappoint you, our customers.

The beef has been getting very good feedback, so that's been really good to hear. We will have plenty of beef this time as we have done a bigger beast! We will also have goat along with the usual porky products.

We've had some lovely rain over the last month, so the place is looking pretty green - although the heat lately is starting to zap some of the grass. This paddock below has been left empty to freshen up since the beginning of the rain, but we are now putting weaners into it. We have them fenced in a small area first, but will open it up today to let them have the whole paddock. When the piglets get weaned from their mothers, they need to be confined for a couple of weeks, otherwise they would escape back to mum.

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