Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Products

The Yeppoon and Rockhampton markets will be on next weekend. Tonight is the last chance to get pre-orders in. You can still order this week, but you may not get what you would like if you leave it too late.

I now have access to a commercial kitchen so I'm going to be making Bone Broth and Lard for regular sale.

The bone broth is made using a mixture of bones from Chicken, Pork and Beef please read my other blog for more information on how I make my stock. Healthy Farming Healthy Food. I will be packaging it in plastic takeaway containers and it may be frozen. If it takes off as a viable sale item, I will look into packaging differently. The containers are 500ml containers and will sell for $4.50.

Pork Lard will sell for $1.75/100g and the jars I've bought to use hold 430g, so that will be $7.50. I do sometimes use recycled jars, so these will be $1.50/100g. So if you want to bring your clean jar back to recycle/refill I can.

We also hope to have pork pet mince next weekend as well.

And coming soon.......(drum roll)........

Soap - I have been getting soap made for a while now out of our lard and my cows milk, and I've decided that the next lot I get made, I will add to our product lines. I may only sell these in Rocky and not Yeppoon, as the lady that makes them is also at Yeppoon and she may not appreciate the competition. It's lovely soap and quite a bit harder than the normal home made soap, so it lasts a little longer in the shower. Please look out for it at the August markets.

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