Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy New Year!

Well, the month is half over already - time flies when you are having fun (or are very busy). Kim and I are currently enjoying a two week break, which is over the half way point! We are doing market research into the food trends on the Sunshine Coast. So far we have found out that there is very little free range or grassfed product. I thought that the trend was changing, but alas no..... Looks like we will have to increase production so that we can start supplying restaurants. We have had quite a few restaurants down this way make enquiries for our product, however they all want bellies and bacon - we can't supply these as it would mean that we would have none for our loyal market customers.

I have just updated the Markets and Delivery page to show the dates for markets over the coming months, so check that out. The first market for 2015 will be the 31st January and 1st February in Yeppoon and Rocky.

The South East Qld Delivery has been scheduled for March (sorry guys, we can't come sooner) and Agnes Waters and 1770 markets will not be on our schedule this year. To be completely honest with you all, we have spent the last year desperately trying to sell pigs before they got to big. We had very little interests from Butchers in the early part of the year, and there were only so many markets that I could attend, so our pig numbers got a little out of hand. Coming up to the end of 2014, we had a major turn-around and the demand for our pork outstripped supply. We are currently in a build up phase again with the pigs, with an increased focus on production to increase the numbers as quick as we can.

So the exciting thing for us this year is that we have a product that is in high demand and Kim and I, after our little time of to refresh, will be ready and raring to go to meet that demand!

A big thankyou must go to our beautiful children who have so bravely taken over the reigns of the Pig Farm to give us this break.

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