Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hot Weather

It's been so hot lately, that it's really testing our pigs out. We need to keep constant wallows up for them, as this is really the best way for them to cool down. They lie in the mud and then go and lie in the shade. It's quite interesting, because if their wallow dries out, they drink a lot more water. They don't drink nearly as much when they have a good wallow.

In Queensland, free range pig farmers are not "encouraged" to use wallows. I'm not really sure what the problem for the authorities is, whether it's causing dirty run off or whether they worry about breeding disease. We change our wallows quite regularly, because if they are in one spot too long, they do get a bit yukky, so while it's clean mud, it's okay. The mud not only keeps them cool, but it helps to keep away lice and other insects. It protects the pigs from sunburn, mosquito's and flys.

And the pigs love it! One of our Boars often comes over to us and grunts and carrys on when we renew the wallows, as if to say "Thankyou!" Pigs are very responsive and appear to be truly grateful for the way we look after them. It breaks my heart when I think of pigs being kept in pens and in sheds! They are really far to intelligent for that!

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  1. that's sweet, glad something enjoys this weather! I hope it will rain soon though, we are getting low on grass....