Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Delivery

We will be delivering pork and ham to Gladstone, Rockhampton, Biloela, Baralaba and Woorabinda in the week before Christmas. I have designed a new order form for the Christmas Delivery.
As you are aware, it’s the two hind legs that are used for leg ham and these are usually sold as a full or half ham. We will be selling half hams, which will be about 2-3 kg’s in size. We can’t just sell a leg ham on its own however, as we need to get rid of the whole pig. Therefore if you would like to buy one of our leg hams, you will also have to buy a 5kg BBQ pork pack. This will include sausages, chops and ribs. We will also be offering Bacon and Shoulder Hams. You can buy more than one 5kg pack if you like, but if you want to get two hams (or a full ham), I’m afraid that you will have to buy two 5kg Packs.

On another note, if you are planning on getting a Nitrate Free Ham to serve for Christmas lunch, be aware that people used to only eating conventional ham may not enjoy it. I personally don’t think the NF ham is as nice as the conventional and don’t believe it does justice to either our quality pork or the butchers ability to make tasty ham. In saying that, I think that the NF bacon is lovely. The NF ham doesn’t have as strong a smoky flavour, because apparently the nitrate is needed to “carry” the smoke into the centre of the ham. The bacon gets the smoke flavour as it is a lot thinner.
The delivery date isn't finalised, but will most likely be between the 17th and 22nd, so please let me know if you are going to be going away before that and we might be able make other arrangements.
We look forward to getting your orders by the 1st of December. Please send your orders in as soon as possible though, as the number of hams are limited to the number of pigs we have available. I will be sending an email out to everyone on my mailing list, so if you don't receive an email, I apologise - send me an email to let me know and request one.

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