Dawson Valley Free Range

Dawson Valley Free Range

Monday, August 27, 2012

Post Delivery Comments

We had a huge day on Saturday delivering our pork. We picked it up in Monto, went to Calliope via the Boyne Valley - that's a really pretty drive through there. Dropped off a pack to Travis (just before Calliope) - who has already sampled and given us some great feedback, so make sure you read his comments in the Testimonial Section of the Blog. Then onto Tannum Sands after dropping more pork packs, plus a spit pig in Calliope proper. On to Gladstone, then Rockhampton and then finally home. Finished the deliveries locally the next day. Wow, it was a big day, but so good! Luckily Kim and I don't mind driving! But the best part was meeting our new customers - I like that part the best, as it's so positive to talk to people that like the same sort of food that we like! Oh, it was also good to see our continuing customers!! Also, we met people with great attitudes - we were a lot later than we thought we would be and so a big thankyou to all those that we mucked about. It's our first big delivery, and trying to time it was obviously a lot more tricky than I had originally thought. Your patience was greatly appreciated! I can't wait for the next delivery day! Hopefully September for Rocky and then October for Gladstone - stay tuned for a more accurate date.

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