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A little bit about Dawson Valley Free Range:

Dawson Valley Free Range was established to provide healthy food through the ethical farming of animals. Kim and Lucy House manage “Anabank” using regenerative farming methods, which include rotational grazing and zero chemicals inputs on animals or pasture. Our land is certified Organic with Australian Certified Organic.

The pig breeding herd is mostly made up of heritage breed pigs, however we use Large White boars to crossbreed for improved growth and reduced fat. They are PROOF certified and are on pasture and free ranged 24/7. 

Our Pork will be fattier than you may be used to, because of the breed of the pigs. However, the pork you will get from us will have more flavour, moisture and nutrients than intensively raised pork. The intensive industry wants a consistent, homogenous product. The different breeds we have will produce pork that is a consistently tasty and healthy product.

Our goats are cross bred goats, however we now have a kalari red billy to improve the growth and flavour of our goat meat. The Lambs are also a cross bred and bred and raised on Anabank. The beef comes from our childrens cattle herd - Bush Friendly Beef. These animals are raised and finished on pasture only and have zero chemical (farm or medical) inputs. The cattle are mostly certified organic as live animals. 

With our meat, you can be assured that it is grazed ethically - the animals are fed well and treated well - they only have one bad day.

Contact us:
Home Phone: 0749981327
Mobile Phone: 0456109161
Email: Please click on the Link below:
Dawson Valley Free Range

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